Welcome! This site was created to advise and encourage anyone, regardless of gender, religion, or race, aspiring to become a physician. If asked what fuels each and every one of us in this world, everyone would have a different answer. For me, it is largely medicine. Throughout my pre-med journey, I learned that experience is the best teacher.  I also quickly learned that the experience does not have to be your own!

​Prescribed by Tare is dedicated to sharing my story through a detailed recap of my college years. I aim to project my passion in medicine and clue in readers as to what inspires me to continue on my Road to M.D. In addition, my blogs will be centered on in depth topics and advice relevant to pre-med and medical students, as well as general life topics and advice for anyone as prescribed by me!

If there are any additional topics you would like me to cover feel free to contact me and I will endeavor to get that information up in a blog or somewhere else on the site! Learn more ‘About Me’ and begin to uncover the story of my journey to becoming a doctor!