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Melanin in Medicine

‎Melanin In Medicine: Episode 22: Life/MCAT Advice from Tare and Masters Degrees on Apple Podcasts

‎Kia journeyed back to Carbondale IL to attend her post baccalaureate banquet! There she interviewed her good friend Tare who will be matriculating this fall to medical school! Be sure to follow her journey on her blog Prescribed by Tare for another perspective of this process! Thank you so much Tare…

I had the opportunity to switch things up and was featured as a guest on Episode 22 of the Melanin in Medicine podcast by my friend Kia from MEDPREP! We talked a little about my undergraduate experience, why I attended the MEDPREP program, my graduate experience and obtaining my Masters degree, the dreaded MCAT exam and just an overall summary of my journey to this current day! There are some MCAT tips mixed in as well, so listen carefully because I also have a surprise announcement!

Did you have a similar or different experience in your educational pursuits? Were there any takeaways you got from the episode? How did you find listening to this podcast over the traditional blog posts? Questions? Let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. Happy listening!

Melanin in Medicine is a podcast created by two besties Kia and Florence who both will be starting Medical school this Fall at the University of Kansas School of Medicine!

This is a podcast to encourage any and all who are interested in becoming a doctor. We want to target underrepresented minorities in this podcast who may not have people they could use as a resource for how exactly to get through undergrad, MCAT studies and applying to medical school. As we transition into medical school this year we’d like to share our experiences and hope that our transparency will help others on their own journey!

-Melanin in Medicine

Be sure to check out and subscribe to the Melanin in Medicine podcast and follow them on instagram !

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