Hello and welcome to my newly branded site Ehitare.co! This site is dedicated to sharing the many facets of my life which includes my faith as a Christian, journey through medical school and becoming a physician, and now to share my artistic side ^.^! My aim is to share my experiences as I navigate this thing called life…while having fun! Blogs will be centered on topics relevant to my christian faith as well as pre-med and medical school tips and thought pieces. I’ll be adding an outlet to display my art and designs (coming soon). I honestly have no idea how all these areas will mesh together on here haha but hey it’s my site 😉 As always, any comments, concerns, advice are always welcome by filling out a contact form HERE!


~Updates & Current Events~ 

As of July 10, 2020

I have officially finished by first year of  medical school at SIU!! It was a crazy year and I’m currently in the process of moving so be on the look out for a new blog post on what I learned as an M1! Please be sure to also check out the blog post ‘Rejected to Accepted’  about my journey to getting into med school! I have also just launched a handmade hat side business! ^.^ Be sure to get yourself one HERE!  Stay blessed!


Christianity and Racism

With the recent light being shed on the everyday racial injustices occurring all across the nation, I found this conversation below somewhat helpful and in alignment with what I believe is part of the Christian stance on the virus that is racism. #BLM


“I just read your freshman year story and it literally described my freshman year experience. Gen Chem was the death of me too lol. Reading this just encouraged me even more…”